Educational Awards Update

by Tim Mullins, DTM

The Honors Keep Piling Up!

I’m truly proud of the efforts our District 33 members are putting into their educational advancements this 2017-2018 Toastmasters year! As of this writing, District 33 members have submitted 588 educational awards — and the “hits” just keep on coming! Their outstanding achievements include:

  • 190 Competent Communicator (CC) awards and 116 Advanced Communicator (AC) awards
  • 116 Competent Leadership (CL) awards and 60 Advanced Leadership (AL) awards

In addition, 19 members have achieved their DTM honor this year. They are (listed in order of date received):

Kirkland Tibbels, Suesan Walker, Jody Mack, Laquita Dukes, Indar Singh, Julie Boyce, Deborah Allmon, Kristina Greer, Eleanor Smith, Susan Harmon, Wayne Sebera, Irene Salazar, Curtis Helt, Charmaine Guss, Lisa Marrone, Sondra Ahlen, Mary Beganyi, Malik Williams and Thomas Sims.

What an amazing group of dedicated Toastmasters and worthy of the distinction: Distinguished Toastmasters. We have 37 Triple Crown recipients (members who have been awarded 3 or more awards), led by:

  • DaWane Wanek            11 educational awards
  • Malik Williams              7 educational awards
  • Kelvin Bell                       6 educational awards

We also have 3 members with 5 educational awards each, 11 with 4 educational awards each and with 3 educational awards each.

Tim giving award to Kyle

District 33 launched Pathways on September 15, 2017;  in just under 6 short months, our members have submitted 71 Pathways awards, which include 48 Level 1’s, 16 Level 2’s, 5 Level 3’s, 1 Level 4 and 1 Level 5 — just over 12% of our total educational awards. Kudos to the incredible group of Toastmasters who make up District 33!

Keep up the fantastic work. I hope to see you at our Spring Conference in Bakersfield in May!


Ambassador Program Paying Early Dividends

by Tim Mullins, DTM

District 33’s Club Ambassador Program (CAP) was officially launched!

Started November 1, 2017, in just over 4 months we’ve had 82 Club Ambassador visits with reports submitted. My deepest appreciation for and congratulations to the 25 District 33 members who have taken the time to submit a CAP report after visiting a club other than their own.

Some of the comments/observations of our Ambassadors:

  • The club had a very descriptive agenda; there was a lot of humor, which made the meeting fun and it was run very professionally.
  • Made me feel important, welcomed and comfortable right away.
  • Teamwork was the key from beginning to end with this club.
  • I really love the casual, fun, interactive feel of the club.

Folks, I can’t help myself — I must give special recognition to those members who have already achieved Club Ambassador Silver, Red or Blue status. Yes, it’s true! We have our first Club Ambassador Silver (15+ visits) in Monty Shindler from Division F. Kudos to Monty for his mighty efforts. One member, David Boberg from Division J, has achieved Club Ambassador Red (8+ visits). Congrats, David! District 33 also has 7 members who have earned Club Ambassador Blue (3+ visits). They are DaWane Wanek, Joseph Skoda, Gewarren Owens, Karaleen Mork, Tan Pham, Chris Hempleman and Vanneca Phelps. Well done all!

If you want to find out more about this outstanding program, please click on the following link: