Leadership Team


Tim Mullins

Tim Mullins, DTM

District 33 – District Director

I initially joined Toastmasters so I could become a better listener because I thought I was already a good public speaker. Boy was I shocked, after just a few short weeks, to learn that I needed help, not only with my listening skills but my speaking and leadership skills as well.

Steve Goldstein

Steve Goldstein, DTM

District 33 – Southern Nevada Program Quality Director

As the Program Quality Director for Southern Nevada I will be: • Promoting the Distinguished Club Program as well as the Distinguished Area and Division Programs • Promoting and supporting club quality and member retention • Overseeing the Education, Training and Toastmasters Leadership Institute in Southern Nevada • Aid all Area Directors with their club visits reports, supporting them with feedback and guidance. • Continue guidance for our Districts Branding compliance. • Roll out an incentive for every club that summits their conference flyer and program that is branded correctly will receive TI dollars and a grand champion for each division in Southern Nevada. • Prepare and plan for the transitions for the July 1, 2019 split into two districts • Ensure, support, and enforce that District 33 runs in accordance with the Toastmasters District Handbook. I will support Toastmasters International, our Regional Advisors, Our District Director, Tim Mullins, all the district officers. I further commit to serve the clubs in our District and make sure we all have fun doing it.

Flora Turner

Flora Turner, DTM

District 33 – California Program Quality Director

My Toastmasters’ journey began with a single speech about myself and the raising of a second family of five children. The feedback and encouragement from fellow members, mentors and sponsors made me feel that I had something special in me that I had not shared. This club that I was attending was working on organizing as a new club. Guiding the new Toastmasters Club as the Inaugural President, allowed me to use the leadership skills that I had developed during my nursing career. Our club, Y Talkers Toastmasters, achieved Select Distinguished for the 2010‐2011 term after chartering on March 14, 2011.



Minerva Honkala, DTM
District 33 – Nevada Club Growth Director


Joseph Skoda, DTM
District 33 – California Club Growth Director


Sarah Lawrence, ACB, ALB

District 33 – Public Relations Administrator

“When I was 15, my health teacher spoke of Toastmasters often. I looked into it and when I realized I had to be 18, it was soon filed in the back of my mind. Life happened, and although it would occur to me to check it out, I never did. Then in February of 2017, I stepped through the doors of Jackpot Speakers Open House! The energy was infectious, and although I promised myself I would take this commitment slowly, I found myself completely emerged in the Toastmaster culture. I have always loved public speaking. Toastmasters finally provided a place where I could speak and develop skills! Before long, I took on the role of club VPPR. It was a perfect fit! I loved spreading the word about Toastmasters. Being part of the Executive Committee helped my ability to be diplomatic; something I was lacking. The support and love from my club has been absolutely invaluable!  

Deborah Morgan, ACS, CL

District 33 – Adminstrative Manager


Bob Bobbe, ACS, ALB

District 33 – Finance Manager


Guy Dawson, DTM

Immediate Past District 33 Director

 I joined Toastmasters in 2007 with the goal of becoming a professional speaker. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that the leadership path is the one that allows me to be of maximum service to the members of Toastmasters.


 Nadia Gilkes, DTM

District 33 – Logistics Manager