by Sarah Lawrence

Leaders with 16 & 21 Educational Awards!

Soon the 2017-2018 Toastmaster year will be coming to a close. We have seen
changes to the way we grow as speakers and leaders. We have been introduced
to new leaders, as our district shifts into more technology-focused
platforms. We have also had the honor to see what can happen when
established leaders are given new tools. There are 2 members who have
smashed goals and continue to give back to District 33.

Greg Bjorgo and DaWane Wanek have gone far above and beyond utilizing the
traditional educational system, as well as completely embracing the Pathways
system. Currently, Greg has earned 16 combined educational awards and DaWane
has earned 21 combined educational awards.  This places Greg and DaWane in
the top 2 spots for the greatest number of educational awards in one year,
for District 33!

Greg and DaWane are examples of what is possible when a member plays all in;
giving back as much as they gain. Maintaining excellence through the
Toastmasters educational system has proven that any speaker can grow into an
exceptional leader.

DaWane has hosted sessions to help other members learn to effectively use
Pathways. These sessions have included a hands-on approach, where the
members bring a device and walk through projects. The success of the
Pathways sessions has led to many members of District 33 becoming more
confident with their use of the program, therefore encouraging more
completed projects.

Since the launch of Pathways, Greg has always been a point of support. His
willingness to provide assistance to any member has given him the reputation
as one of the most sought out mentors. His dedication to success has been

Giving speeches and completing projects is about more than personal growth.
Every moment a member chooses to share a part of themselves, they are
inspiring others! “When leaders are willing to grow leaders” (a direct quote
from one of Greg’s speeches), everyone becomes more successful! Greg has
currently sponsored 19 new members. His absolute drive for personal growth,
and the success of clubs, is something that many members see as linear.
However, Greg’s path is never linear, but instead a funnel of ideas, goals,
and opportunities. He plans to finish the Toastmaster year with 20
educational awards and 20 sponsored members, a goal which has never been
accomplished for a District 33Toastmaster. The 20/20 goal he plans to bump
up to 25/25 for the 2018-2019 year!

As well as creating all these moments of inspiration, Greg has also been
serving as the K-3 Director (second Area Director to have a Distinguished
Area for 2017-2018); Vice President Membership for Jackpot Speakers; Vice
President Education for Storytellers Toastmasters Club;  President for
Summerlin Toasters; Vice President Education for Moving Forward
Toastmasters; and a member of Educationally Speaking Toastmasters.
DaWane has sponsored 20 members. He has taken every new tool and turned it
into an opportunity to help others! He has lead “real time” Pathways
sessions and said “YES” every time he was offered a chance to help (even if
he didn’t always know exactly what he was getting into)! DaWane has always
been dependable in his willingness to give back! Aside from all this, he
also serves as the Division C Assistant Director; President of McAfee
Toastmasters; Vice President Education of Say Watt; Vice President
Membership of Bon Appetit Toastmasters; Secretary/Webmaster of Power House
Pros, and a Club Coach for Mega Watt Toastmasters.

Good leaders give back, but great leaders teach others how to succeed.  The
combined efforts of these two members  have been more than a spark. They
have lit a fire that will continue to light the way as our District
continues to lead the way for communicators and leaders!


Educational Awards Update

by Tim Mullins, DTM

The Honors Keep Piling Up!

I’m truly proud of the efforts our District 33 members are putting into their educational advancements this 2017-2018 Toastmasters year! As of this writing, District 33 members have submitted 588 educational awards — and the “hits” just keep on coming! Their outstanding achievements include:

  • 190 Competent Communicator (CC) awards and 116 Advanced Communicator (AC) awards
  • 116 Competent Leadership (CL) awards and 60 Advanced Leadership (AL) awards

In addition, 19 members have achieved their DTM honor this year. They are (listed in order of date received):

Kirkland Tibbels, Suesan Walker, Jody Mack, Laquita Dukes, Indar Singh, Julie Boyce, Deborah Allmon, Kristina Greer, Eleanor Smith, Susan Harmon, Wayne Sebera, Irene Salazar, Curtis Helt, Charmaine Guss, Lisa Marrone, Sondra Ahlen, Mary Beganyi, Malik Williams and Thomas Sims.

What an amazing group of dedicated Toastmasters and worthy of the distinction: Distinguished Toastmasters. We have 37 Triple Crown recipients (members who have been awarded 3 or more awards), led by:

  • DaWane Wanek            11 educational awards
  • Malik Williams              7 educational awards
  • Kelvin Bell                       6 educational awards

We also have 3 members with 5 educational awards each, 11 with 4 educational awards each and with 3 educational awards each.

Tim giving award to Kyle

District 33 launched Pathways on September 15, 2017;  in just under 6 short months, our members have submitted 71 Pathways awards, which include 48 Level 1’s, 16 Level 2’s, 5 Level 3’s, 1 Level 4 and 1 Level 5 — just over 12% of our total educational awards. Kudos to the incredible group of Toastmasters who make up District 33!

Keep up the fantastic work. I hope to see you at our Spring Conference in Bakersfield in May!


Welcome to Pathways

Embark on a journey of personal and professional development through Pathways, Toastmasters’ new education program! Pathways is designed to help you build the skills you need to communicate and lead. It is comprised of 10 paths that teach more than 300 unique competencies:


To make the most of Pathways, start by taking the Pathways Assessment online. It will help you choose a path that’s right for you. Next, explore Base Camp, where you’ll be able to access all of the materials for your learning experience, including your feedback, transcript and printable materials. Here you can track your progress, connect with members from your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way. Enjoy the flexibility of working online or in select print paths on dynamic projects that provide real-world, transferable skills.