Membership Drive

New District 33 Toastmasters Membership Drive
– Get 5 New Members –

May 15 through June 30, 2018 (11:45 pm)

What is your club doing to earn the  Get 5  New Members Incentive? Who can you follow-up with from your Open House attendees?  When can your club add 5 new or Reinstated members?  Membership is everyone’s responsibility — not just the VP Membership. In order to earn for your club the award for  Distinguished or higher honors, all clubs must be at 20 members on June 30, 2018 or at minimum 5 members above your base.  The base is the number of members that were in your club when the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year started on July 1, 2017.    Remember  by earning this incentive, your club will also receive from Toastmasters International a beautiful ribbon to display on your branded banner.

To see whether your club is close to earning Distinguished or higher honors visit This is the Additional Reports  page found on the Toastmasters International dashboard. Once there, click on District 33 in the far left hand or  first column. Then click on “Almost Distinguished clubs” in the 2nd or middle column. The  data will appear in the large right hand column.

The following clubs need only 5 members to earn Distinguished honors. Which club will get 5 new members to cross the finish line first?  For many of these clubs, getting the 5 new members will place them in the  Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished category:

Div/Area Club# Club Name DCP Goals
B1 3919454 Elite Toastmasters 5 15 5
B4 5570391 Padre Serra Toastmasters 5 12 5
B5 6609333 Ventura Chamber Toastmasters 4 15 5
C1 5186332 Morelli House Toastmasters 6 11 5
D3 932959 Colorado River Toastmasters 10 15 5
E6 907017 GoTo Toastmasters Club 4 15 5
F3 4439635 CSA Crusaders Toastmasters 7 8 5
G4 4680115 Hanford Toastmasters 6 15 5
H1 1970 Pahrump Toastmasters Club 5 15 5
J3 1864 Conejo Valley Tm’s Club 6 13 5
K1 9366 Republican Toastmasters Club 6 15 5

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