Individual Sponsor Report July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

Membership Building Program for Individuals
Program Dates: July 1 — June 30  
Membership growth is important to ensure your club’s success. When you sponsor five or more new members within one program year, you will receive the following: a unique blue pin for five members, a unique burgundy pin for 10 members, and for sponsoring 15 new members, you will qualify to receive a special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from the Toastmasters Online Store.  Congratulations to the following members who sponsored 10+ members from July 1, 2017 TO June 30, 2018.


            NAME                                  # of Members Sponsored

DaWane Wanek                            26

Greg Bjorgo                                    23

Ron Guilbault                                 16

Minerva Honkala                           16

Brenda O’Brien                              15

Kelvin Bell                                       14

Julie Boyce                                     14

Cristina Scoble                              13

Kirkland Tibbels                            13

Karen Mous                                   11

Sondra Ahlén                                 10

Kay Collis                                        10

Elisia Meffan                                  10

Luzette Rivera Pressley                10

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