My Four B’s – Marcia Wood, DTM


There are many milestones happening in the month of March

-club contests and dues renewals to name two.

But what about Strategic Planning? How is your club doing on its quest for excellence? Will your club, and you personally, finish the year strong by achieving the goals you’ve set at the start?

We’re in the home stretch! To bolster your stamina and willpower, I present “My Four B’s.

  • Begin with the End in Mind. How often do we fall into the trap of “Ready-Fire-Aim”? Start your strategic planning with the results clearly defined. Once you know where you are going, it is easier to stay on track.
  • Be Flexible. If the wheels come off and your plans veer toward the ditch, have an alternate plan ready to get you back on the road to success. If you don’t have an alternate, channel your creativity to develop a plan in the moment. Don’t act alone: contact your support team of friends, mentors or fellow club officers.
  • Believe in Yourself. Believe in your creativity, positivity and optimistic tendencies. You will get through the tough stuff because you’re tough enough to handle it.
  • Banish All Doubts! Give yourself a pat on the back because by June 30, you will have reached your goals, both for yourself and the others in your club. You have promised to support your club mates, and they, in turn, have promised to support you.

Marcia Wood, DTM is the 2018-2019 District 26 District DirectorKeep the Promise.

Meet the Challenge.

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